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The theme of the conference: Intelligent Medicine to multi-perspective winning

The conference will focus on the theme, with Sessions set as Data Generation: efficient data mining; Insight Generation: precise positioning of KOLs’ academic needs; Data Communication: multi-channel medical communication; MSL: new environment, new mission, and new model; and four pre-conference Seminars (Best Practice of Medical Science Liaison, Medical Information ,Pharmacoeconomics and Medical apparatus), to unfold the academic discussion from multiple perspective, with enriched and resourceful content leading creative thoughts. Sincerely invite colleagues from Medical Affairs, Marketing, Sales, Government Affairs and other functions to participate in.

The Chinese Medical Affairs Conference (CMAC) has become the largest scale of medical affairs, the most high-end industry conference, the preparatory work has been completed, this conference is expected to only 600 people, medical affairs for the more than 100 people (including all foreign and domestic enterprises and joint ventures), director of at least 150 people
Conference Chair: Chengming GU, James HE,Zig LANG, Yiman ZHENG, Iris KANG, Frances CHANG      

Conference Secretary: Ali LI

Conference Academic and Organizing Committee (in alphabetical order of surnames):          
Xiaojing CHEN, Chengming GU, Jianming GUAN, Lan GE, Iris KANG , Grace HE,  James  HE , Eddy WU,Pu JI,Dong JI,Zig LANG, Ali LI, Paulinna LI, Qing LI, Zhi LI, Helen LIN, Tianhong LUO, Vivian MAO, James MAO, Jingdong MA,Hongyu QIAN, Xinhai QIU,Qing RUI, Jiande SHU, Lily SUN, Matthew TAN, Yu TONG, Susan WANG,,Li WANG, Lyra XIE, Angela YAN, Qiang YAO, Jianxiu YU, Miao YU, Frances CHANG, Jia ZHANG, Amber ZHANG, Yiman ZHENG,Joanna ZHANG, Avery INCE , Vivien Pu,Vivian LI ,Wim SWYZEN

Special Guest:
Wei CHEN, Xiaomei CHEN,Yanqiu CHEN , Shuming FANG, Honghui LI , Liangjun LI,  Dongliang LIU,Yajuan LIU, Jianjing LONG,Jing NI, Lan QIN, Zhengjie REN,Wei SONG, Duanhong SUN, Xiaoyun SUN, Jingyi WANG, Zhenjiu WANG, Xu CHEN, Weidong LV,  Hongwei YU, Jian ZHANG, Jie ZHU











Apr 6-8, 2017

Conference Registration: 
Conference consultation(Sponsor): 18611399438